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A Weight of Space Back Story

How the WOS Came to Be

I started the Weight of Space sometime shortly after the 2008 financial crisis that changed my life forever. What began as regular daily practice writing fiction dialog, inhaled the theme of our human responses to the unexpected circumstances that God throws at us.

Life is full of Black Swans. I’m a fan of Nassim Nicholas Taleb. None of us want to believe…

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WOS Publisher Details

The Silly Things that Are Due Matter

We committed to an official publication release date of August 15, 2023 for the thriller Weight of Space.
Maybe we will manage to get the book pre-orders available in June but mid-July seems much more likely.
Some agency particulars are beyond our control.

What fun.
All the print costs across the Print on Demand space all changed in the last…

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This Author’s Site Gets Better

Where the WoSaM came from

By hook or crook, I’ve been building and maintaining websites for what seems like a long time. “It’s true. It’s true.” Me and the Internet go way back. No genius there. I made/make my daily living and built a couple of successful businesses in the Tech Space. A continuous and current presence on the web comes and goes with the territory. I’ve owned and operated more website…

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