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In the Spin of Gravity

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Let's just say that I choose to think about space aliens differently. You cannot blame us. We humans are planetary creatures. Are we canabalized, spare-part mashups of multicellar mush that stll crawl about in our own primordial slime? Or not?

I propose in the thriller Weight of Space that...

We are the Earthbound

For us flatlanders and Sixth Day folk the space aliens must live on planets. Dooh. Silly Rabbits.

What if I told you that Goldilocks is a distrubing tale about the moral virtues of chastity and not about cartoon bears or too much or too little of anything at all?

We root around on planets searching for life but what if the signs of alien life are all around us. Life is tough in a food desert.

What if the real space aliens have been around since the first stars in the Universe were born.
We could call them the First Born or the People of the Fourth Day.

Be They Angels or Demons?

Where would creatures of deep space live? What would they eat? What might they look like? What would a deep space alien do for fun and profit?

What in God's name do they really do with all that missing Dark Matter?

Could beasts like us matter to them at all? Maybe on a good day?

Then again. We could just be Weavechow.


Take a Tour of a SpaceWeave Home

 Oh, yeah. We got to love all those tasty "polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons" and all them there protostars.

One has to wonder how many invisible Hot Jupiters are out there in this picture?

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