Fat Fish Farmer

(aka Tench Tilghman)

Fat Fish Farmer is an avowed techno-science-history geek. A cognitive neuroscience student who reads doctoral papers for fun. At times he helps people to employ incomprehensible software for a living. Once the president of a multi-million a year tech company, architect, contractor, and professional chef in world class restaurants he claims, "We all gotta eat."

Tench is a published writer, editor, and public speaker in the tech world.
His favorite speaking topic: People Skills.

Everyone asks: Tench is a 500+ year old family name.
"Once a generation someone in the family gets picked. It was my turn."

The most famous Tench Tilghman in history was George Washington’s right-hand man, hero of the American Revolution, and only person ever officially allowed armed into Congress.

In Middle English the name Tench meant faith-healer. Before cod-liver oil there was a similar vital/vile concoction made from tench - the world’s largest minnow. The fat fish is described as uneatable but for which there are many forgotten recipes. "Whatsthisheresauce?"

His wife tells that tale that the man tossed out his first techno thriller.
He became afraid it might come true.

Perhaps it did.

Fat Fish Farmer

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