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Weight of Space

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“Folks, we have breaking news...

There are reports that two science astronauts are missing in deep space. The men were on a 5-day mission to upgrade the Deep Space Radio Telescope Array. Remotely operated, the DSRT Array is located in the L5 space some distance from the L5 Station.

The identities of the missing crew remain unknown.

The Space Navy and the International Deep Space Observatory will neither confirm nor deny these unofficial and unconfirmed reports.

Our viewers will certainly recall that the rebuilt L5 Station now includes remnants of the Capture – the dark comet Melinoe and two smaller asteroids. The space mining and manufacturing facility currently supplies vital materials for the Ring Station and other structures under construction in Near Earth Orbit.

The L5 Station habitat is a government commercial partnership of the Space Navy and Space Orbitals. The acting Chief of Station is Dr. Sally Farmer, renowned eco-biologist, and the mother of the First Family of Space.

L5 Station manifests show that the famous Capture Boys, Captain Robin Bennett and Admiral Liam Stewart, are currently aboard.

Clearly, the fate of the missing crew is in the hands of our most experienced space heroes.”

The news is only part of the mystery from the Edge of Black

A Near Future Tale

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Wonder of Space and Magic