Weight of Space

A Near Future Tale

The human race survives the impending doom and unimaginable chaos of a imminent cometary impact. The Capture Boys deliver the impossible. Captain Robin Bennet, astronaut and Capture Boy, proclaims the miracle:

"People of Earth. Thank God with me.
Fear not. Mankind shall not perish.
Let us recall our proud and painful sacrifices.
Today a new hope is risen from the Edge of Black."

The crew of a scientific research and space mining base forge a new future in L5 space from the remnants of the captured comet Melinoe - The Black One.

The emergent nano-biotech of the SpaceWeave allows L5 Station to produce spin gravity. People now live, work, and harness that power to mine, manufacture, and transport the resources of the dark comet and her asteroid sisters.

The Blue Marble depends on those resources to support thousands of people who work and live in the Near Earth Space.

The Space Navy, Earth governments, and Space Corporations all contend for control as L5 Station becomes a town.

Inexplicably, two scientific interns are lost on a long-range EVA repair mission in L5 space.

A new Station Chief is at the helm of the L5 Station. She is mother to the First Family in Space. Her husband is the genius engineer who manages the evolving SpaceWeave. They and their fellows must untangle the dark strands of the mystery on the Edge of Black.

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