People of Weight of Space

The Characters of Weight of Space

Large Load Toss (LLT) aka “The Junk” Crew

Robin Graves Bennett     - Captain and navigator

Mei Chen Wei     - Commander, Pilot, and Comm Systems

Jane Auberry     - Flight Engineer Operations

L5 Station Crew

First Family of Space

Sally Farmer     - Acting Station Chief and Director of Endev

Henry Farmer aka “Doc”     - Director of Gravity Systems

Lil’ Sis     - Young daughter of Henry and Sally

Big Bro     - Oldest son of Henry and Sally

Bouncer     - Second son of Henry and Sally

Gravity Systems – aka SpinG

Carl Kendrick     - Chief Petty Officer and Toss Supervisor

Pat Andrews     - Petty Officer Shift Supervisor

Jesse Simons     - Toss Crane Supervisor

Station Materials Control – aka LiftOps

Jerry     - Comm operations technician

Environmental Development – aka EnDev

Mirabelle Hawkins     - Petty Officer Assistant Supervisor EndDev

Angie McKinsey     - Petty Officer Supervisor Comm Systems Flight

Chip Dale - aka “Mr. Chips”     - Enviro Systems Engineer

Dan - aka “the Mushroom Man”     - Ecological Development and Research

Construction and Operations

Liam Stewart     - Director of Construction & Operations

Pauly     - Shift Supervisor Robotic Construction

Manuel “Manny” Hernandez     - Engineering Technician Scooter Specialist

Bobby Jackson     - Engineering Technician Scooter Specialist

Lal Bahahur Thara aka “Peter”     - Construction Specialist Robotic Systems


Duncan     - Chief Engineer

Space Navy Security and Intelligence

The Major     - Acting Head of Station Security

The Lieutenant     - Intelligence Officer Security Branch

Captain Randy Hearns     - Security Officer Space Marines


Ms Norris     - Big Bro’s teacher

Gail     - Bouncer’s teacher

Station Astrophysics Lab

Min Kun     - Intern

Shi Shui     - Intern

Earth - aka Blue Marble

Frank     - VP Space Operations, Space Orbitals

Doctor Bob     - Station Head of Astrophysics Research

Bill Bradley     - Bagship Research & Development

Steve     - Space Navy Media and Press Manager