Weight of Space Goes Live

Preorder the Weight of Space Today

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Somewhere out there in WoSaM Land as of today, tomorrow, or maybe someday real soon now you can now pre-order the paperback version of the Weight of Space.
Yes. Finally. We approved the novel for distribution on IngramSpark.
Hopefully, the book should appear on Amazon real soon now.

My recent sneak peek search on Amazon still does not display the cover, but it takes awhile.

The first printed paperback and epub copies of the Weight of Space will be available on Aug 15, 2023.

Preorder the WOS Today

Stuck the Moon Landing Today

OK. It was 54 years ago - Literally a lifetime ago.
I watched the Apollo 11 Moon Landing live with the rest of the world on a tiny 13" color TV.
Seems very appropriate the Weight of Space went live today of all days.
We've been waiting for what comes next for far too long.


Guess I need to get an official Amazon Author page up there sooner rather than later.

Where did I put that damn Amazon Author page list?

Oh by the way… @fatfishfarmer Twitter links on the website are also live.