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A Weight of Space Back Story

How the WOS Came to Be

I started the Weight of Space sometime shortly after the 2008 financial crisis that changed my life forever. What began as regular daily practice writing fiction dialog, inhaled the theme of our human responses to the unexpected circumstances that God throws at us.

Life is full of Black Swans. I’m a fan of Nassim Nicholas Taleb. None of us want to believe…

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Weighty Writer Matters

Of Writing, Me, and Thee

People ask, “Why did you start writing?”
Hubris, I suppose.
Some people love to hear themselves talk. Eheh.

Honestly, I always read. I always wrote. Forgive me. I spent the first five years of my life in a bookstore. Yeah. My father mostly wrote for a living. Maybe it makes sense.

In grade school I wanted to rewrite the Dick and Jane readers. I was bored. I…

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Where Do SpaceWeave Live

In the Spin of Gravity

Let's just say that I choose to think about space aliens differently. You cannot blame us. We humans are planetary creatures. Are we canabalized, spare-part mashups of multicellar mush that stll crawl about in our own primordial slime? Or not?

I propose in the thriller Weight of Space that...

We are the Earthbound

For us flatlanders and Sixth Day folk the…

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Weight of Space Goes Live

Preorder the Weight of Space Today

Somewhere out there in WoSaM Land as of today, tomorrow, or maybe someday real soon now you can now pre-order the paperback version of the Weight of Space.
Yes. Finally. We approved the novel for distribution on IngramSpark.
Hopefully, the book should appear on Amazon real soon now.

My recent sneak peek search on Amazon still does not display…

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Weight of Space Cover Reveal

Do I Need a Cover Song Too?

Over the last month or so we’ve motored through a few prototype versions of the front book cover for the techno thriller novel Weight of Space. The final front cover went live today here on the site.

The official publication date for the Weight of Space is Aug 15, 2023.

I hope that pre-orders will be available for the paperback in mid-July. Stay…

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