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WOS Publisher Details

The Silly Things that Are Due Matter

We committed to an official publication release date of August 15, 2023 for the thriller Weight of Space.
Maybe we will manage to get the book pre-orders available in June but mid-July seems much more likely.
Some agency particulars are beyond our control.

What fun.
All the print costs across the Print on Demand space all changed in the last…

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Missed by That Much

I Get Smart and Read Myself the Riot Act

The fit to print date for the Weight of Space is not going to be in late spring. An early summer release date also went by the wayside. Serves my right. I create too many other deadlines that get in the way. My bad.

I did get through the line-by-line copy edit of the WOS by being a bit creative.

Know Thy Limitations

As I shared previously, one of my known…

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The Weight of Space Book Covers

Does the Cover Shout Out?

I am a writer by trade. To me that means I flap my lips in print for a living.

When I first set out to get a novel published, I soon learned that I was already a relatively well-paid self-published author and publisher. As you might imagine that was good news and bad news. Yes. I was being paid to produce published technical content of a totally different sort.

This blog is a new…

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This Author’s Site Gets Better

Where the WoSaM came from

By hook or crook, I’ve been building and maintaining websites for what seems like a long time. “It’s true. It’s true.” Me and the Internet go way back. No genius there. I made/make my daily living and built a couple of successful businesses in the Tech Space. A continuous and current presence on the web comes and goes with the territory. I’ve owned and operated more website…

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The Publish Me Adventure

The Publish Adventure Begins in Ernest

Me dear ol’ mum helped me muddle through the initial proofread version of my novel Weight of Space. This for her was an act of patriotic valor.

The woman detests sci-fy as only a mystery aficionado and lifelong medievalist romantic academic can. Think Eric Amber, Agatha Christy, and Andre Dumas et al.

True. Aside from being my teenaged mother, me Mum’s first job was herding this…

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