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The Publish Me Adventure

The Publish Adventure Begins in Ernest

Me dear ol’ mum helped me muddle through the initial proofread version of my novel Weight of Space. This for her was an act of patriotic valor.

The woman detests sci-fy as only a mystery aficionado and lifelong medievalist romantic academic can. Think Eric Amber, Agatha Christy, and Andre Dumas et al.

True. Aside from being my teenaged mother, me Mum’s first job was herding this…

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Of Rocks and Spin At Bennu

Microgravity Matters and Near Earth Objects

When I was a child, I earned candy money from my father in a unique way. Candy talk somehow seems appropriate in this post-election week where the eye candy and repetitive brand pitches are inescapable. “Watch the shiny object” is an ever-present political rant. These days we could all live well if we were simply paid a prorated rate to endure the current steady state of political…

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When Halley Met Newton

Gravity from the Meeting of Newton and Halley

Do we hear one of the smartest men in history?

Was that a more important meeting than When Harry met Sally or Steve met Woz? Certainly.

I calculated that August 2022 was the 338 year anniversary of Edmond Haley’s famous meeting and question to Isaac Newton about the motion of celestial bodies. At the famous meeting Newton answered Halley directly and elliptically, but failed at that…

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